About Us

Hartley Knows – I can write, is an effective set of resources that is aligned with the Australian Curriculum and the Victorian Curriculum to assist the development of handwriting and self-regulation for children from kinder to year 2.

Our unique and lovable character Hartley engages children with his animated story adventures where he collects the 15 writing shapes and then learns to sequence these in different combinations to develop correct letter and numeral formation. Hartley and his friends learn to problem solve, calmly think of solutions and enjoy exploring and learning. Hartley Knows – I can write inspires children, giving them the techniques and confidence to make the learning of handwriting engaging, varied, fun and successful.

Hartley, his shapes, table and bowl provide spatial cues to assist the development of correct formation, spatial orientation and positioning of letters and numbers. Hartley teaches a unique and logical method of creating and using dotted third writing paper that promotes neat legible writing. Hartley Knows – I can write utilizes a structured, progressive sequence that starts with play-based learning and moves through to the formal teaching of handwriting.

With 200 animated stories and over 1000 worksheets available across the website, Hartley Knows provides extensive learning enrichment and developmentally sequenced, curriculum-based activities that support the effective teaching of handwriting. The Hartley Knows How program furthers the development of critical thinking, ethical capability and personal development skills with animated stories, posters and worksheets created to develop reasoning and problem-solving skills of students up to year 4.

Developed in collaboration with teachers, the Hartley Knows – I can write program has been extensively trialled with students with wide-ranging abilities in kinder, prep, year 1 and year 2 classes with positive results achieved. Our program has been highly rated by students and teachers, see our reviews page to read what teachers and students have said about the Hartley Knows program materials and strategies.