What we offer


Hartley Knows unique animated story adventures, preschool activities and resource materials are easily incorporated into play-based programs, as part of a 4-year-old preschool curriculum, in school readiness groups or as engaging enjoyable learning activities for individual children. Our educational programs are provided through an annual subscription.

The Hartley Knows-Ready to Write program introduces children to our lovable cat Hartley and his friends. Through their adventures, Hartley collects and measures the 15 writing shapes that are used in varying combinations to form letters, numbers and symbols when formal handwriting education commences. After viewing the animated story adventures preschool children are encouraged to, re-enact the story, find the writing shapes, make the writing shapes and learn to draw the writing shapes. These skills are supported by our Hartley Knows-Ready to Write learning module which includes preschool worksheets, preschool activities and resources.

Fine Motor Skills – Preschool-aged children are developing their ability to hold a pencil, control the small movements of their hands and understand spatial concepts as they play. Hartley Knows preschool activities enhance the development of these skills. Preschool learning modules are accessible to our current preschool subscription holders.

To support preschool children to learn to write their name correctly, using Hartley’s techniques and writing cues, we also recommend a custom-made name card for each student to practice with at preschool and home. Additional resources including the Hartley and Shapes Kit are available for purchase by current subscription holders.

Hartley Knows How program is also included in our Preschool Subscription. This delightful series of animated story adventures easily engages the imagination of preschool children and introduces them to personal development and positive life skills strategies that enhance their ability to identify and manage emotions, accept disappointments, learn to problem solve, develop persistence, perseverance and self-confidence. The Hartley Knows How program is suitable to use with a whole class, small groups, families and individual children as a standalone program, or in conjunction with other educational, positive psychology or therapy programs.

Hartley Knows Training offers a range of professional development courses for Early Childhood Educators, Childcare Workers and Therapists. Please complete our expressions of interest form regarding subscription, training and resource orders.

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