Hartley Knows- I can write, has been developed and trialled in collaboration with teachers to ensure effective and engaging activities that assist students to develop handwriting. Teachers have repeatedly requested to continue using the program.

Program Reviews

“I can’t fault the program. It is one of the best I have used over my career. It has the most positive outcomes for the children’s literacy development.”

Preschool Teacher, Peninsula Grammar School


“The true impact of the benefits of the hartley knows program was so apparent when comparing the children from year 2, with no hartley experience, to their younger year 1 counterparts having participated in the hartley program was quite remarkable. The year 1s had far superior letter formation, had no difficulty with knowing where to start their letters and we almost were able to eliminate the pesky matter of letter reversals. For the children that still struggled with this, they just need a quick reminder to “move towards hartleys bowl” etc. to correct this. Having tried (and failed) other practices to develop letter formation, I am delighted to report that the Hartley Knows program is highly successful.”

Junior Teacher, Kingsley Park Primary School (21 years teaching experience)


“Hartley knows has provided us with an explicit, fun handwriting program which has provided us with a consistent language that we are able to use across our team and across year levels. I love the way that it is accessible to so many different types of learners- oral, aural, visual, kinaesthetic, etc. Our kids love Hartley the cat and find him so relatable.”

Foundation Teacher, Mt Martha PS

“The children develop an understanding of how to use symbols and pattern systems to create literacy easily through the HK program. During the year, the children have lots of opportunities to explore literacy concepts through the use of hartley resources. They are regularly engaged in conversation about the shapes of letters, with the teachers highlighting the language that is used and this is supported by “Hartley the Cat” character and stories (I can Write Program). The HK language becomes second nature to the children as they practice writing the letters of their names and drawing shapes such as circles, cups and tunnels, which are all common shapes present in the language. Through this exploration of shapes, they develop an understanding that symbols are a powerful means of communication and that ideas, thoughts and concepts, can be represented through them. They build a greater understanding of the relationships between oral, written, and visual representations. The excitement and enthusiasm for the HK shapes are evident every day as children find these shapes in their physical learning environment eg. “ I found a tall stick,” Georgie says as she points to the shelf in the classroom. Hartley has become a much-loved mascot in our classroom.”

Preschool Teacher, Peninsula Grammar School (23 years teaching experience)


“It’s easy to explain and the simple language and the shapes really helped the preps to remember the letter formation. We love the resources and use them all the time. Using the hartley program during the home learning period has also been amazing. I cannot believe their handwriting now, it’s beautiful – I think parents really enjoyed teaching their children handwriting at home and found it so easy to follow, hence their amazing improvements.”

Foundation Teacher, Kingsley Park Primary School


“The students LOVE the Hartley toy and hands-on shapes they can use to make letters! This program is very junior school friendly and really engages them in the learning! Hartley is a very special member of our classroom.”

Foundation Teacher, Red Hill Consolidated School

“I thoroughly recommend the Hartley Knows program and training. The course deepened my understanding of the processes involved in learning to write and I am better placed to provide explicit instructions and support for struggling students. The children enjoy learning with Hartley and the Shape Vocabulary is easy for them to remember. The program resources, such as document templates save a lot of teacher preparation time and provide scaffolded support for students.”

Pre-Prep Teacher, Mornington Primary School


“Hartley Knows gives the necessary focus on letter formation in a fun way.”

Junior Teacher, Mornington Primary School

“I have found that most of my grade has really improved in their writing skills as a result of having Hartley to refer too. The children found the stories so entertaining and fell in love with Hartley. This then made them very keen to follow the program. The whole program has made the writing process much easier to follow and much more enjoyable. They are using the lines daily now in their creative writing and you can see how well they are writing. I am very proud of them. I have enjoyed using Hartley and being involved.”

Foundation Teacher, Peninsula Grammar


Training Reviews


“It made me want to learn to write all over again. Always motivating and humbling to learn things I didn’t know, I didn’t know! Thank you!!”

Clinical Director, Speech Pathologist, Level 1 Training


“Maria was passionate, interesting and did a great job of catering for our needs. She was very patient and informative when answering our numerous questions to assist us in developing our program.”

Foundation Teacher, Level 1 Training


“Handwriting can be a broad and overwhelming topic for therapists, however, the Hartley Knows training has highlighted areas of focus and great techniques to support our students.”

Therapist, Handwriting for Children with Disabilities Training


“A fantastic program that ALL schools would benefit from! Can’t wait to put it into practice!”

Teacher, Level 1 Training

“A fantastic, creative, child-focused approach to learning self-regulation for Australian settings. The presenter is very knowledgable and engaging. The handwriting course gives lots of practical ideas on building on a child’s strengths to develop skills.”

Participant, Hartley Knows How Training


“12 of us from our school today. What better way to ensure consistency for our students in writing!”

Teacher, Level 1 Training


“Although I have been practising Occupational Therapy in a specialist school setting for several years now, I found this PD extremely helpful! It has improved my knowledge base and increased my confidence. I look forward to implementing the Hartley Knows program!”

Therapist, Handwriting for Children with Disabilities Training

“Handwriting can be a broad and overwhelming topic for therapists, however, the Hartley Knows training has highlighted areas of focus and great techniques to support our students.”

Therapist, Handwriting for Children with Disabilities Training


“A comprehensive approach to teaching pre-writing and writing skills for children with a range of abilities”

Therapist, Level 1 Training


“I greatly enjoyed this training, and as an occupational therapist highly applicable to my work with children. I wish I had this training earlier in my career so that I could have applied strategies sooner!”

Occupational Therapist, Hartley Knows How Training