Hartley Knows- I can write, has been developed and trialed in collaboration with teachers to ensure effective and engaging activities that assist students to develop handwriting. Teachers have repeatedly requested to continue using the program.

“It has been a privilege to be part of this exciting program.The students absolutely love the stories- Hartley is a real hit. It’s a great way to start the week’s focus.I love how clear and logical the shapes of the strokes are. When helping children to spell, it is easy for me to use the language of “ball, short stick, kick”. It makes sense.The Hartley lines and proportions work! I like how they also help with the left to right direction and I have had very little confusion over that issue since using the program. I like how there is a variety of lines so there is a gradual progression according to how well the students are developing.”

Leading Teacher- Junior Years: Peninsula Grammar


The Prep Teachers at Dromana Primary School commented, “The children really enjoyed each story about Hartley’s adventures that also introduced each shape. The language is very child friendly and really makes sense in their minds as it relates to real shapes and objects. The class has really connected to Hartley being a class mascot. The name cards were very useful for regular name formation practise. The fine motor activities have been very beneficial for my class. My students have enjoyed cutting and pasting the shapes to make the weekly letter.”

The prep students at Dromana PS told their teachers: “The name cards are fun to use,” Ava. “The books were fun,” Brayden. “My favourite part was the start when we didn’t know how to write and now we can,” Remy. “I like learning to write, so I can make books,” Ryley. “It makes me not scribbly,” Isabella. “The stories help me to remember the shapes like when the fishing stick goes into the water,” Ethan. “Teaches you the right way so you know you can do it properly,” Lola. “Hartley helps me know where to start,” Isla. “My favourite one was the tunnel, I actually have three tunnels in my name!” Montgomery.

The prep students at Dromana PS


“I have found that the most of my grade have really improved in their writing skills as a result of having Hartley to refer too. The children found the stories so entertaining and fell in love with Hartley. This then made them very keen to follow the program. The whole program has made the writing process much easier to follow and much more enjoyable. They are using the lines daily now in their creative writing and you can see how well they are writing. I am very proud of them. I have enjoyed using Hartley and being involved.”

Prep Teacher Peninsula Grammar


“I am delighted that the children who had no interest in writing their name have taken to it and have been improving in their skills. The children love the props and it works well as a play based learning approach.”

Pre-School Teacher, 4 year old kindergarten group.